Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rockstars that had a premature death

These are lists of rockstars that died early or before their time. Mostly due to drug-overdose,accidents and suicides.

Cliff Burton(25)

Bassist of Metallica

Died after being thrown out of the window and was crushed by their tour bus after it went out of control.

Kurt Cobain(27)
Frontman of Nirvana

Died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Bradly Nowell(28)
Frontman of Sublime

Died of a heroin overdose.

Shannon Hoon(28)
Frontman of Blindmelon

Died of a drug overdose.

Elvis Presley(42)
Solo Artist

Died of an overdose of prescription drugs.

Jimi Hendrix(27)
Freestyle Guitarist

Asphyxiated in his own vomit.

"Dimebag" Darrel(38)
Guitarist of Pantera

Murdered on stage.

Sid Vicious(21)
Bassist of The Sex Pistols

Died of an heroin overdose.

Ian Curtis(24)
Frontman of Joy Division

Suicide by hanging himself on a clothes rack.

Freddie Mercury(45)
Frontman of Queen

Pneumonia excacerbated by AIDS.

Jim Morrison(28)
Frontman of The Doors

Suspected heroin overdose.

John Lennon(40)
Member of The Beatles

Murdered by stalker Mark Chapman.

History of rock

In the 1950's a new genre of music is born, Rock. It has its roots from Rock and Roll, Blues and Country Music with a little bit of classic and jazz mix. It revolves around the tunes of the electric guitar with the a steady rhythm of the bass guitar and drums and sometimes with the piano or a keyboard. Some 10 years into the birth of rock it developed into sub-genres like Foll-rock, Blues-rock, heavy metal, hard rock, and punk rock. Later on other sub-genres like Alternative-rock, new wave, grunge and nu metal which is usually composed of a quartet, sometimes a trio or even a duet, others even include a second guitarist or a keyboardist to form the classic 5 set-up.
In the modern era, sub-genres like rasta-core, electronic-rock and metal core began popping as a result of other genres mixed with rock.

Example of bands in different sub-genres of rock:

Elvis Presly - Rock and Roll

Badfinger - Pop-rock

The Ramones - Punk-rock

R.E.M. - Alternative-rock

Black Sabbath - Heavy Metal

Soundgarden - NU Metal

Eric Clapton - Blues rock

Jimi Hendrix - Psychedelic rock

Iron Maiden - New Wave

Nirvana - Grunge

Green Day - Pop-punk

Jimmy Eat World - Emo