Thursday, September 2, 2010

History of rock

In the 1950's a new genre of music is born, Rock. It has its roots from Rock and Roll, Blues and Country Music with a little bit of classic and jazz mix. It revolves around the tunes of the electric guitar with the a steady rhythm of the bass guitar and drums and sometimes with the piano or a keyboard. Some 10 years into the birth of rock it developed into sub-genres like Foll-rock, Blues-rock, heavy metal, hard rock, and punk rock. Later on other sub-genres like Alternative-rock, new wave, grunge and nu metal which is usually composed of a quartet, sometimes a trio or even a duet, others even include a second guitarist or a keyboardist to form the classic 5 set-up.
In the modern era, sub-genres like rasta-core, electronic-rock and metal core began popping as a result of other genres mixed with rock.

Example of bands in different sub-genres of rock:

Elvis Presly - Rock and Roll

Badfinger - Pop-rock

The Ramones - Punk-rock

R.E.M. - Alternative-rock

Black Sabbath - Heavy Metal

Soundgarden - NU Metal

Eric Clapton - Blues rock

Jimi Hendrix - Psychedelic rock

Iron Maiden - New Wave

Nirvana - Grunge

Green Day - Pop-punk

Jimmy Eat World - Emo


nutter666 said...

Jimmy Eat World are emo? Really? News to me.

Sync Valentine said...

I didn't get it either, but according to my research, the are.

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